Decluttering with a family

Decluttering Strategies for Busy Families

Hey moms, let’s face it – we’ve all got plenty of things to do already and feeling like you need an extra set of hands can be overwhelming. Decluttering for busy families can feel overwhelming, and honestly, impossible sometimes.

That’s why I’m here to share some savvy home organizing strategies so you can declutter your space in record time! Together, let’s figure out how to simplify our homes for maximum efficiency, while still embracing the comforts that make us truly happy and comfortable.

Decluttering with a family

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or want to keep more sentimental items around, I’ve got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that I think will work wonders in freeing up your physical (and mental) energy – because when our space is organized and streamlined, it’s easier for all of us.

What is Decluttering?

Decluttering is the process of organizing and removing excess items from your environment to create more space and peace of mind. It’s a smart idea to start with small steps, like organizing your counters, closets, and shelves so you can find what you need easily; then work up to bigger projects like larger organizational systems or donating unneeded items.

Decluttering can provide all sorts of benefits, from energy boosts when you no longer feel bogged down in visual clutter, to better sleep – because sleeping in a clean and organized room is always preferable.

The benefits of decluttering your family home

Living in a decluttered family home is hugely beneficial for both your health and happiness.

For starters, researchers have proven that stepping into an uncluttered space can contribute to a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. Plus, and this is a huge one for me, you can search for things faster – no more frantic searching when it’s time to leave.

Not only this, leading a life with less stuff also leads to fewer distractions, so you can focus more on the important things like spending quality time with your loved ones. So if you’re looking to make your home stress-free and full of positive vibes, the answer may lie in decluttering.

Start small – pick one room in your house to declutter and work on that for a week

Decluttering when you have a family can feel like a nearly insurmountable task, but don’t get discouraged! You can do it! Just start small and pick one room at a time per week.

Let each family member pick an item they no longer need to donate and let smaller kids help sort items into piles. Set up good habits and you’ll be on your way to a clean, organized space in no time.

Make a plan – figure out what you want to keep, donate, or throw away before you start decluttering

The secret to making decluttering smoother sailing is to make a plan before you start. Get organized and figure out what items should be kept, donated or thrown away.

Take your time and be realistic about what you need and don’t need. That way you won’t have a major declutter-induced meltdown afterwards that leaves the entire family hating it all over again!

Create designated areas for everything in your home (e.g. kitchen, living room, bedroom)

Create designated areas for all items and make sure everyone in the family knows exactly where things go. This way, we avoid that all-too-familiar scream of “Mom/Dad! Where did I put my _____?”

Designated spots provide a quick, easy solution and restore your peace of mind. So go ahead: label, organize and take control of your home – because the more organized you are, the less time you’ll have to worry about messes.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you don’t it

Trying to keep your house clean with a family can feel like an insurmountable task, especially if you have too much stuff lying around. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless when it comes to what you keep – if you haven’t used it in the past six months, chances are, you won’t miss it.

Decluttering makes cleaning up faster, easier and more rewarding instead of feeling like a never-ending job. So don’t be afraid to get rid of those old items that are just clogging up your home – after all, less is more.

Help Your Kiddos Declutter Their Rooms

Have you ever gone into your child’s room and thought ‘this is a problem’? It can be hard to get kids motivated to declutter their rooms but it doesn’t need to be a battle.

Start by being organized yourself and setting an example – show them how much more fun it is to live with less! Once the ball is rolling, involve them in the process and make it entertaining.

Ask them for help when cleaning or organizing and praise them for their efforts. It’s amazing what a little positive reinforcement can do.

Finally, create rules about messes. Have your kid pitch in on regular household cleanups so they’re used to helping out. You can use positive reinforcement like M&Ms or small monetary payments for completing their chores.

Take your time and be patient

If you’ve ever had a family, you know how hard it can be to keep things orderly – and having a cluttered home is often the consequence. But, don’t panic! Take your time and you can easily tackle the mess.

Don’t rush yourself; decluttering your home when You have kids is not supposed to be done overnight. Give yourself the opportunity to go through every room, one at a time, and slowly sort through things that are no longer useful or bring joy.

It might take some time but will eventually pay off; imagine how relieved you’ll feel when all the clutter disappears from your home! So don’t rush it – take your time and show patience during this process. The reward is worth it in the end!

Decluttering your home with kids can be a challenging experience – but it doesn’t have to turn into a huge, messy ordeal. Start by setting an example and getting organized yourself. Then involve your kiddos in the process, create designated areas for each item and don’t forget to reward them for their efforts!

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