How to Declutter Your Garage: 5 Simple Tips

It’s finally time to take care of that messy garage situation, moms! Take a deep breath, grab your coffee (iced or hot – we don’t judge), and get ready for the decluttering adventure ahead. That’s right: you’re about to take on the challenge of conquering some serious mess and chaos in one of your household spaces. Let’s jump into how to declutter your garage spaces.

But never fear! With our tips, tricks, and insider insights, you’ll be able to turn the cluttered corners and dusty shelves into an organized oasis before you know it. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get going — here’s how to declutter your garage.

Sort through everything in the garage and get rid of anything you don’t need

Start by separating out everything into categories – for example, gardening supplies, sports equipment, and tools.

Once everything is sorted, go through each category one at a time and make decisions about what to keep and what should be disposed of. Be honest with yourself – if something hasn’t been used in years or you know you’ll never use it again, you can probably donate or throw it away without guilt!

Taking the time to organize and simplify your garage space will give you peace of mind and a refreshing sense of accomplishment.

Organize what’s left into categories – tools, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, etc.

By organizing what’s left into categories such as tools, sporting equipment, and holiday decorations, the process of sorting and deciding which items stay or go becomes much easier.

With some planning and dedication you can get your garage decluttered in no time! Plus, reinventing your garage space can be fun – who knows what wonders you’ll uncover!

Lawn equipment

With spring coming up, it’s time to think about getting your lawn equipment in order. Decluttering means ensuring you’re only keeping the items you need, and it can be a great way to kick off the season and make outdoor chores easier.

Start your decluttering process by taking inventory of all your supplies and tools. Put together a list of what you use on a regular basis, what can be safely stored away for future projects or emergencies, and what should be recycled or donated.

Once you know exactly what you want to keep on hand, dedicate an area in your garage to store everything. Use labeled bins, shelves, or hooks to keep your tools organized.

When it’s time to use them again, everything will already be in its place! And knowing that you have everything you need at your fingertips will make those outdoor moments even more enjoyable!

Sporting equipment

For many of us, keeping our homes neat and organized can feel like a Sisyphean task, so when it comes to sports equipment, the idea of decluttering can seem downright impossible! The key is to make sure you have an efficient system in place.

Start by taking inventory of the items you own – what are your child’s passions? What do they use most frequently?

Then, sort their equipment into like piles – balls together, bats and clubs together, and protective gear together. This will give you an excellent overview of what’s in your garage and may help you decide which items should stay and which can go.

Finally, select appropriate locations for each type of equipment – pack related items away in bins to easily carry them in and out of the house or store them neatly on a set of shelves. With some clever planning, you’ll never have to worry about managing your collection ever again!

Holiday decoration

After months of wrapping presents and decking the halls, it’s time to start thinking about decluttering holiday decorations. While it can seem like overwhelming to tackle after all that holiday cheer, taking the time to organize these festive items will help ease stress during next year’s celebrations.

To begin purging your collections, start by sorting your decorations into three piles: keepers, donators and trash. Anything broken or burned should go straight into the trash pile.

After you have sorted through all the holiday decorations, create an organized storage system for the items you’ve decided to keep. Utilizing storage bins can make it easy to sort and store seasonal decorations in an efficient space-saving way.

Once everything has been properly organized in its place, curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy fond memories of last year’s joyous holidays.

Create designated spaces for each category using shelves, racks, or boxes

Start by designating spaces for each category of items that you need to store in the garage. Shelves, racks, and boxes are great organizational tools that will help you keep everything tidy and accessible while also freeing up valuable floor space.

Making use of these storage options is a fun way to get all of your belongings stored effectively and securely. Not only will it make the process easier, but you’ll be left with a neat and orderly garage that you’ll enjoy spending time in again.

Install a pegboard to hang tools and other items that take up too much space

If you’re looking to declutter your garage, why not consider an easy and efficient way to maximize wall space while still keeping all of your essential tools on hand? Installing a pegboard can be the perfect solution!

Not only are pegboards versatile and affordable, but they also provide plenty of storage. Hang up tools, from screwdrivers to hammers, allowing them to be moved easily as needed.

Hang large or awkward items that may take up too much room otherwise – such as shovels or rakes. With a pegboard’s helpful storage and rearrangeable elements, organizing your garage with this method can be effortless.

Make sure the garage is clean and free of clutter on a regular basis

Taking the necessary time to declutter your garage on a regular basis is an investment in both the present and the future. If you commit to decluttering it every couple of weeks, or even monthly, you will thank yourself later when you’re looking for something that’s been hiding away under mounds of clutter.

Not only that, but making sure your garage is clean and free of clutter will also help reduce dust accumulation, resulting in a healthier home environment; not to mention making it easier to work in your garage if projects arise!

It takes more effort to get organized than it does to stay organized – so don’t be overwhelmed by seeing a messy garage right now. Take it one step at a time and reap the rewards of decluttering!

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