How to Declutter Your Bedroom

Tired of your bedroom feeling like a never-ending mess? Ready to reclaim your space and finally be able to move freely in it? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at some tips on how to declutter your bedroom.

How to declutter your bedroom

Take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee – I’m here to teach you how simplifying can actually be fun (yes, fun!) and still help you maintain order in your bedroom.

From sorting through clothes that no longer fit, tackling those piles of paper documents and wondering what decor will work best with the overall style – I’ve got tips on all that plus more! So get ready mamas – let’s declutter together.

The benefits of living in a decluttered bedroom

It’s an indisputable fact: a bedroom with fewer items in it is far easier to maintain clean and more pleasant to walk into after a long, tiring day at work. Imagine coming to your bedroom, seeing everything nicely organized and neat – it’s hard not to feel calm and contented in this kind of environment!

Decluttering your bedroom isn’t just about making it look visually nice — having fewer items means more space for all-important restful sleep, which many people struggle with due to life’s stresses.

Moreover, when everything has its own home — like books back in the bookcase or clothes tucked away nicely — you actually save time and energy looking for it every single day.

Last but not least, living in a decluttered bedroom increases productivity as getting dressed or working from home can be done in such a manageable and logical setting.

Start by removing all the furniture from the room

Are you ready to give your bedroom a fresh start? A great way to begin is by removing all the furniture from the room. This may seem a lot, but it’s essential for creating an organized space.

Removing all furniture will also help you identify which pieces no longer serve a purpose and can be removed from your living area, allowing for more effective use of the space.

Starting with a clean slate gives you an opportunity to then tackle the smaller items crowding your room—from books to trinkets and other stored items.

It can be helpful to pick just one area at a time, clearing out items that are no longer needed or wanted and sorting them into piles such as donate, recycle, toss, or keep. Through this process of removing clutter, you’ll soon create a space that feels energizing and orderly.

Sort through everything and get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore

Taking the time to sort through your bedroom is a worthwhile exercise. It’s an opportunity to give yourself more space, both physical and mental. It can also be a creative task, deciding what new purpose each item can serve.

Eliminating unneeded items is part of creating a space that promotes relaxation and well being. This transformed atmosphere can be freeing and energizing. Taking control of your living space can be transformational.

Start in your bedroom by ridding yourself of any unnecessary items, so you can gain the satisfaction of creating the room you have always wanted.

How to decide what to keep and what to toss

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of when decluttering your bedroom can seem overwhelming, but you can make the process easier!

Start by creating piles for items that you want to donate, toss, or put in storage, or consider using a labeling system like color-coding boxes or drawers.

When organizing, use step-by-step methods to focus on one area at a time and break it down into smaller tasks. Additionally, decide if items spark joy in your life, as this can be a helpful guiding principle as you go through the decluttering process.

Remember: while getting rid of clutter isn’t always easy, it will help create more space and have you feeling calmer and more organized in no time!

Don’t forget to clean under the bed and in closets

It can be easy to forget about the nooks and crannies of your bedroom when decluttering. However, cleaning those spots can make a world of difference in your space. Look beneath the bed for items that may have gone missing over time or for unexpected debts that need to be paid back.

Didn’t use to have dust bunnies collecting in this area? Take this as an opportunity to get a fresh start by putting on some tunes and really getting down under there with a duster – crawl around if necessary!

Don’t forget to take a peek in your closets as well. Overstuffing is common, so take out any items you haven’t worn or used in a while and donate them to someone who’ll love them (or upcycle them!). Taking the extra steps can help you reclaim valuable floor space and give yourself an overall sense of renewal.

Replace old, worn-out furniture with new pieces that fit your style

Decluttering your bedroom can make any room feel infinitely inviting, and new furniture can often help this process. Replacing old, worn-out furniture with pieces that fit your style and express your personality adds the finishing touch to your living space. Selecting timeless designs can ensure that you’ll never go wrong.

Careful consideration of each piece is essential to creating a look that is perfectly personalised to you. Without compromising on comfort, browse for furniture that reflects who you are and enhances the energy of the whole room – it’s definitely worth investing some time into finding exactly what you need.

Add some decorative touches to make the room feel like your own space

Decluttering your bedroom can seem like a daunting task, but it can also be an opportunity to personalize and customize the space. Think about what makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and inspired—this could range from tranquil neutrals to bright pops of color.

Incorporate artwork that uplifts your mood or keepsakes from special trips and moments in your life.

Plants and florals also make great additions to bring some life into the space. Even if it’s as simple as changing up the placement of furniture or adding a few accents like pillows or blankets, you’ll be surprised how quickly your room feels more homely.

Organizing your bedroom after you declutter

Organizing your bedroom can be a lot, especially if you recently spent time decluttering. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that still needs to find its home! But don’t despair: with the right strategy, you can transform an untidy bedroom into a calm oasis.

Hang up or fold your clothes instead of piling them on the floor

After taking the time to declutter your bedroom, the next step is to organize what is left. A great way to do this is by hanging up or folding your clothes.

Rather than letting them lay around in piles on the floor, properly storing them away can help free up space and make it easier to find things when you need them. This will also save you time that would have been spent rummaging through heaps of clothing just to get dressed in the morning.

Taking a few extra minutes at the end of each day to hang or fold your clothes is a small action that can make a huge difference in how organized your bedroom feels and looks.

Create storage for small items like jewelry, ties, and socks

If you’re looking for creative storage solutions for all the little knick-knacks that tend to accumulate in your bedroom, try out some of these ideas!

Jewelry can easily be stored in parts of furniture such as dressers and armoires; hang a coordinating jewelry holder on the back of a door or a wall for necklaces, earrings, and even fun trinkets.

For gentlemen, use hangers or hooks specially made for ties to keep them organized and out of the way.

Last but not least, if you’ve been frustrated with sock drawers before, make use of inexpensive baskets or containers to separate your socks into categories to make your morning routine more efficient.

Use baskets and bins to organize your drawers

Everyone has their own unique style, that’s why there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to organizing a bedroom. Luckily, there are easy-to-implement solutions like using baskets and bins to manage your drawers.

Baskets come in all kinds of styles and colors to match whatever aesthetic you want in your room, plus they keep items like socks, jewelry and even stationery wonderfully contained while helping you find what you need quickly.

Plus, unlike traditional drawer dividers and organizers, baskets will easily conform to the size of any drawer giving you the perfect look and fit every time.

Install a shelf above your bed to store books, pictures, or other decorations

Having a designated spot to store keepsakes and memorable decorations can feel like a comforting luxury, making it the perfect place to relax. Installing a shelf above your bed is the perfect way to achieve this in your bedroom.

Not only can it add to the overall aesthetic of your room, but it’ll also provide you with an easily accessible spot for items you want to display, like books or photographs.

You could even use some scented candles, diffusers or other décor pieces on the shelf for added ambiance. With just one simple shelf, you can transform your bedroom into a space that feels warm and welcoming.

Keep only essential furniture in your bedroom – get rid of anything that’s taking up too much space

Need extra room in your bedroom? Taking a few pieces of furniture out can be an easy way to reclaim some of your precious space. Purging items you don’t need or love anymore is the first step in stocking your bedroom with only the essentials.

Think smartly about where other items you may need, such as extra clothing, could be placed – this could mean changing out dressers and nightstands for multipurpose storage solutions or just making use of under bed storage bins.

What are your favorite tips for decluttering and organizing your bedroom? We would love to hear them!

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