How to Declutter Kids Toys: Without Any Tears

Are your kids’ toys taking over your home? Are you exhausted from trying to find enough storage space and wondering how to declutter kids toys without causing tantrums or feeling guilty? Does it feel like no matter how many times you declutter, the toys seem to multiply on their own?!

How to declutter kids toys

Well take heart, mama – clutter can be conquered. In this post I’m going to walk through some simple strategies for getting a handle on all those kid’s toys and finally reclaiming control of your living space! Ready? Let’s do this thing!

The challenge of decluttering toys

We all know how much toddlers love to play with their toys! But that often means we end up with a lot of them lying around the house, and after a while they can start to clutter everywhere.

It can seem overwhelming trying to find the time and motivation to declutter your kids’ toys, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by inviting your children to join in; ask them politely if it’s ok for you to put away some of the toys they don’t currently use anymore.

Offer them incentives or rewards when they help sort things out – like creating a special place just for the new toy once everything is back in order. This way, you’ll make sure that both parents and children will enjoy decluttering together and can look forward to everything having its own designated place.

Talk to your kids about the benefits of donating their old toys

Transitioning to a decluttered toy space can be a great process, not only for the tidiness of your home but also for the growth of your children. Having conversations with them about donating old toys will not only help them learn more about giving, but it will also clear up some room in their toy box for some new adventures and fun.

Explain to them that other kids out there may have less than they do, or that some toys may not work quite as well anymore, so instead of throwing them away, someone else can benefit from their generosity.

Talk with them about how donating will help others while reducing clutter in your home. How much fun is it when new toys enter the picture! Chances are they’ll be happy to offer some old ones up so that someone else might get to play with them.

And if they are still feeling hanging on to certain pieces, remind them it’s ok, because having designated ‘keep’ piles can still aid in decluttering!

Sort toys into three piles – keep, donate, or trash

Decluttering kids’ toys can be more simple if you develop a system that helps make the job more manageable. Sorting toys into three piles – keep, donate, or trash – is an effective strategy for making this process easier.

Parents should start by allocating a realistic amount of time to dedicate to the decluttering project. Begin by separating items into their respective piles – items that are broken and no longer used should go in the trash pile and items that are still functioning but no longer played with should go in the donate pile.

Lastly, everything that remains in good condition and is a favorite of your child can stay in the keep pile! Following this method for decluttering toys will help create order and reduce stress for both children and grown-ups alike.

Set a rule for how many toys each child can have out at a time

Setting limits on how many toys your kids have out at a time can be a great way to declutter the house – and it’s easier than you think!

Setting this rule allows children to not only recognize what they already have, but also prioritize the items they are most passionate about – encouraging them to play with purpose.

By introducing this rule into your home, you’ll soon realize that having fewer toys out actually opens up more opportunities for creative play, as well as curating a calm and organized space.

Allowing and encouraging kids to enjoy their most precious items in a tidy environment can even teach them valuable lessons about gratitude, ownership, and organization that will serve them their entire lives!

Create designated storage spaces for each type of toy

Kids have a ton of toys and it can often be hard for them to keep track of all of them. Organizing their toys with designated storage areas for each type of toy can help create order and make cleaning up time faster and more fun.

Think about it – putting dinosaurs in one box, stuffed animals in another, and cars in another etc. can make it easier for children to identify where things go without mom or dad having to tell them.

It’s the perfect way to declutter the playroom while teaching kids important organizational skills. Making clean up time fun will help ingrain good habits now that will benefit them later!

Rotate toys every few weeks to keep them interesting

Rotating your children’s toys can be a great way to keep them engaged and encourage learning. By changing their toys every few weeks, you can spark their creativity and give them something new to explore.

The variety stimulates intellectual development and allows your kids to stay curious about the world around them. It also provides endless possibilities for playtime and gives your little ones something different to interact with on a regular basis.

Toy rotation is an easy, cost-effective way of providing educational stimulation and preserving your sanity at the same time!

Teach kids to put away their own toys when they’re finished playing with them

Teaching kids to put away their toys is an important step towards becoming more responsible and independent. It’s a great habit that will stick with them for their entire lives – they’ll be able to manage their own messes, both literally and figuratively.

How to declutter kids toys

It’s also beneficial to have some order in the home; having specified homes for possessions means that it’s easier to find items when needed and can avoid being surrounded by clutter.

Setting aside time each day to make sure that toys are put away in the right place teaches children how to stay organized, freeing up more of your time too. And while you’re at it, why not explain the importance of tidying up?

Kids are creative generations and should be reminded why taking care of the things they use is important – after all, adults do this too.

Use wall-mounted storage solutions to maximize space

Keeping your child’s toys organized can seem like an impossible task! With wall-mounted storage solutions, you can make the most of any space and ensure that your little ones’ favorite things have a special place to live.

Wall-mounting cubbies, shelves, and baskets is an easy, economical solution that your growing family will appreciate – not only will it clear up clutter in other parts of the home, but it helps teach kids to stay organized!

More effective than bulky cabinets or drawers on the floor, wall-mounted storage solutions can help keep toys neat and tidy no matter the size or shape of the room.

Consider investing in a toy chest or bench for quick cleanups

Having toys scattered around the house can be a stressful reminder of all the tidying that needs to be done. To some, putting away toys may seem like an intimidating chore, but investing in a toy chest or bench makes the task a whole lot easier!

Toy chests and benches provide a perfect storage solution for your child’s beloved items and make it simpler for them to clear up their toys on their own. Not only do they offer additional seating, but these pieces come in a variety of colors and designs that can add fun and flair to any playroom!

Plus, if you find the right one, your toy chest or bench is sure to become your child’s new favorite spot in the house.

Donate unwanted toys regularly and avoid over-buying

One incredibly easy way to do your part is by donating unwanted toys regularly and avoiding over-buying. By keeping an eye on the number of items that come into the house, you can help alleviate the issue of clutter and reduce the strain on landfills.

Donating unwanted toys also gives new families or those in need an opportunity to have access to items they may not otherwise have. It’s a win-win situation – declutter your life while helping someone else at the same time!

So take a few moments now and think – what hasn’t been played with in months? Chances are that you can put those unwanted toys in good hands by donating them today.

Label bins, baskets, and shelves so kids can find items easily

Decluttering toys can feel overwhelming, particularly if you are living in a small space! But don’t worry – labeling bins, baskets, and shelves can help make keeping track of items much easier.

Labeling will allow kids to quickly spot the items they need and easily return them when they’re finished playing. Not only will this save time, but it will also promote independence in young kids because they’ll be able to find and use items on their own!

Additionally, with labels present, curious children will know which bin contains their favorite toy- whether it’s a stuffed animal they love or blocks they’ve been dying to build with.

Have regular decluttering sessions to keep the clutter under control

Birthdays and holidays are the perfect time to indulge in giving gifts, but the downside is that our homes tend to get filled with clutter. While it may seem impossible at first, it’s actually quite simple to maintain control over toy clutter – by having regular decluttering sessions!

After a birthday or holiday, organize a dedicated time for your family to get together and look through toys. Not only does this help create bonding moments for your little ones, but it also lets you determine which toys can be put away, donated or discarded.

Take turns determining what should stay and try making a no-toy rule for any gifts that come after this session. With this smart approach towards children’s toys, everyone will benefit from an organized home filled with plenty of space for play.

How to declutter kid toys

Living in a small space can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to mean having a cluttered and unorganized household! By following these 11 tips for organizing children’s toys, you and your family can easily keep the toy clutter under control without sacrificing fun or precious playtime.

Investing in storage solutions, donating unwanted items regularly, labeling items, and having regular decluttering sessions are just a few of the ways to get organized and start enjoying an organized home.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to toy clutter and make sure that your family’s playtime is enjoyable for everyone.

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